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Mobile microsites

Recently we looked at the framework we have built and what kind of service we could provide to businesses for their own mobile site.

The following issues arise when you plan a mobile website for your business:

1. You have to recognise that a mobile handset is requesting your site

2. You have to serve up an appropriate web page because some handsets don’t recognise some HTML tags or javascript

3. The style sheet may need to be different for each handset

We have created a framework which addresses each of the above using tools we’ve build ourselves or 3rd party APIs. As we’re all about location we’ve also created a location detecting tool which is merged with a free-input location search tool.

Another additional piece of the mobile puzzle is reporting. Mobile user agents can be very varied and cryptic while the addition of location presents additional opportunities for data capture and analysis.

So what have we built? Here are some examples:




While these pages were designed to work best in iPhone and Android devices they should also look good in a Chrome browser.  We are in the process of rolling out a templated lowest common denominator stylesheet. For custom requests we have created a 4-version framework which we may in time roll out as default.

Ensuring that the Geocast mobile site is shown instead of your current site when a handset requests the page is done via a line of javascript dropped into your source code or via a server side redirection.

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