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Microsoft is killing windows phone 7 before it lived

Microsoft is dangerously close to killing the WinPho7 despite a pretty good product. Here’s some subjective opinion and experiences that tell you why

1. No devices in stock

In central London I found 1 in 5 shops that actually had the product a month after release

2. No demo devices

1 in 20 of these shops would let me play with the product. The others would only let me play with the product only if I bought it i.e. only 1 in 20 had a demo handset. Every single one of these shops had a demo iPhone 4.

3. No promotion in store

The WinPho7 is hidden amongst the other devices. iPhone has a nice promo booth.

4. No staff promotion

Not one member of staff was positive about the product. This despite the fact most of them admitted to not having used it.

5. No staff product knowledge

The 1 demo version I played with was shown to me by someone who didn’t know how to use the product.

6. Uncompetitive pricing

The product is priced higher than Android devices with the same tech spec. Microsoft may feel it offers more but in reality this is hard to communicate but pricing talks loudly.

7. No additional incentives

No incentives are being offered to mitigate more powerful app stores. Why don’t Microsoft offer me some free song downloads and some free apps? If I move platforms I will have to repurchase some key apps – make that switch cheaper.

8. No developer love

Not one developer I know was given a device. Huge numbers were given Android devices.

Sorry Microsoft but this launch is not working.

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