Geocast for Agencies

Opportunities for traditional bricks and mortar businesses to drive footfall via the Internet have been limited. Why create a digital campaign when the money can better spent on local outdoor advertising or in the local press?

That is changing fast…

Geocast enables businesses to drive footfall to local outlets, stores, restaurants and forecourts by targeting potential new customers by their location.

How Geocast works

  1. Create your ad copy

This can be a 2-4-1 voucher, 30% off sale, whatever you like!

  1. Customise your ad

Include photos, barcodes, QR codes, etc

  1. Target your ad

Tell us each of the locations where to display your ad.

  1. We distribute your ad

Your ad is seen locally accross online and mobile networks that reach over 30 million potential customers.

Your client pays only when potential customers engage with your ad – by downloading a voucher, clicking a link or initiating a phone call.  We offer agencies a real time interface so that you can manage and track the performance of your clients’ location-based campaigns across the Geocast online and mobile networks.

To discuss setting up am agency account contact us today.