Geocast for Advertisers

Advertising on the internet and on mobile can be expensive and prove frustrating in trying to reach your local customer base. Buying keywords forces you to compete with huge numbers of other business sometimes from many different countries. And what if your website doesn’t sell anything … how do you know you are generating a return on investment?

Geocast has created a local advertising system that enables advertisers to target local customers in or near your business.

How Geocast works

  1. Create your ad copy

This can be a 2-4-1 voucher, 30% off sale, whatever you like!

  1. Customise your ad

Include photos, barcodes, QR codes, etc

  1. Target your ad

Tell us each of the locations where to display your ad

  1. We distribute your ad

Your ad is seen locally accross online and mobile networks that reach over 30 million potential customers.

You pay only when a potential customer downloads your voucher, clicks on a link to your website or initiating a phone call to you.

Go to the Gecoast advertiser area to create your first ad now.

Your business and offers are distributed via a wide range of partners:

  • logo for Ask Jeeves
  • logo for Google
  • Pearl and Dean's logo
  • Rippll's Logo
  • Aloqa's logo
  • logo for Telegraph
  • logo for the Independent
  • logo for the Express
  • logo for the daily Star
  • Layer's logo
to name a few…