Husband and wife team Ian and Sally Selves have reinvented the wheel with the way they market and run IDS their mobile tyres business. Not content with half the partnership being female in a male only business, they have shunned the convention of a workshop by taking their service on the road. Traditional advertising has been abandoned for a more radical location based internet solution through Geocast which delivers their voucher based offer to customers in their area who have self identified as looking for tyre services.

Sally Selves says” We operate in a cut throat market where price is key, when someone is searching for tyres we need to know that we are on their radar and able to produce an offer which gives us parity with or betters the prices from the big boys. Despite the fact that we offer a ‘tip top’ service and word of mouth recommendation is high, the use of Geocast has been pivotal in helping us to grow our business and monthly accounts for between 10% and 15% of our turnover. Geocast gives us access to a vast market which we could never afford to cover with conventional advertising and vitally we only pay on results.