Geocast for Mobile Publishers

Mobile users love to receive offers from businesses that can instantly be redeemed on their handsets.

Geocast’s location-based ads have a higher CTR as users interact with ads that are more relevant.  This increases your effective CPM, earning you more money than from traditional ad networks.

How can I integrate Geocast?

We have two methods of integration: via API & via SDK.

How can I get access to the Geocast API?

Create a publisher account and generate an API key. Our API is fully documented with tips and hints on integration.
Read more about the API.

How can I integrate via SDK?

The Gecoast SDK will soon be available for several partners. Integrating using the SDK will allow you to tap into the same local ad inventory as our API, however ads will be displayed in your mobile app in industry standard ad formats.

Contact us to get more information about the SDK.

Your business and offers are distributed via a wide range of partners:

  • logo for Ask Jeeves
  • logo for Google
  • Pearl and Dean's logo
  • Rippll's Logo
  • Aloqa's logo
  • logo for Telegraph
  • logo for the Independent
  • logo for the Express
  • logo for the daily Star
  • Layer's logo
to name a few…