Geocast for Web Publishers

Most web publishers integrate either Google’s Adsense or display ads from a source like Google’s Doubleclick.

But what about location-based ads? Ads that can be tailored to the user’s location or locations described on each web page?

Geocast publishers earn revenue while displaying ads from local businesses. Because the ads enable users to save money, they view the ads as valuable local content – a great “win win”.

Geocast has already done the technical work to aggregate local ads from several networks. We have made it easy to integrate these ads so that you can earn money each time one of your users interacts with one of the local businesses.

Smaller Publishers and Bloggers

We offer a series of customisable widgets for publishers that want to integrate with minimal effort and maximum speed.
Learn more about our widgets.

Larger Publishers

The Geocast API is also available for those publishers with the technical resource to create a highly customised integration into a wide variety of location-based applications, such as maps, navigation apps, and local directories. Learn more about the Geocast API.

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